Monday, July 1, 2013

Daniel Morphew The Big Save

I woke up energized and ready for a hard day of work. I thought I would have been sore from all the boxes but no, I was feeling good. We met for breakfast and a small devo and we were off to build on the mountain. It started to set in now how the traffic was going to be crazy every day but I had no idea that the traffic was going to be the least of my worries. I have a slight fear of heights and I was not prepared for the road ahead, literally. Things were fine going through town but as soon as we hit the mountain road I was very uncomfortable. It had rained the day before and I'm sure it had rained the day before then also. The road was a little muddy in spots and this caused a few traction issues. At first this was no big deal but as we got further up the mountain, the road got narrower. This made it a big deal. There is no way for me to describe the feeling I had when I looked out my window and all that I can see is a cliff, with no guard rail. I mean a cliff, not a hill, or a slight grade to the ground, a cliff that goes DOWN. So a few bumps into the trip I was already moving to the inside of the bus. Once we started slipping and sliding I was sharing a seat with Mary Wilcox, Ellen Mock's sister. I thought all was well and moved back into my seat and that is when it happened. I could see the danger ahead but there was no way to avoid it. I could see the turn coming but right before the turn there was a long, narrow, muddy trail that was unavoidable. My mind immediately thought of all the things that could happen. My heart said, "don't worry." Well, my mind won and I was terrified. We approached the "danger zone" and it seemed like we were going to be fine. Then it happened. The bus slid to the left. The left is  the cliff side! As soon as it slid I slid, right over to the seat with Mary again. She almost became part of the seat I slid so fast. In fact, I think everyone, well, almost everyone jumped to the right side of the bus. I wasn't sure if this was going to be the end but, if not, I thought i'd have a heart attack anyway. As we slid the driver gave the accelerator a hard push and thankfully, with God's help, we squeezed back onto the road. Yes I said back onto the road because the left rear wheels were on nothing except God's hand. I can say that prayer works and God is great! At this point though I'm not sure if I can ride in the bus anymore. It is all I can do to stay on the bus now because I am so uncomfortable. I voiced my opinion quite a bit at this point. Some responded with laughter and some agreed. I was not ok anymore. Well I didn't have a choice and I finally caught my breath. We arrived at the church in Los Pinos by then and I was so grateful to put my feet on solid ground. I told them that I could not go back the same way though and that I could walk back.We were told we'd go a different way down and, while that is better, it didn't make me feel any better. I asked why we didn't come up a different way but hindsight is twenty twenty. This anxiety would follow the rest of the week for me. I try hard to trust but there is something about a big bus, narrow streets, and mountains to bring out the fear in anyone. All in all, I just have to trust in God and worst case scenario... is there a better way to go than serving Him?