Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Ladies Monday

What a day! 46 ladies and 15 preschool children met at Santa Ana today for our first ladies day event. Marta gave an excellent lesson on the birth of Ruth. Lucy prayed in Spanish, I prayed in English, we sang several songs in Spanish together. These ladies sang with such enthusiasm. After our lesson, Leslie, Addison, and Sara played the Spanish version of, "Lets make make a deal". That was great fun but very hard to explain. Luckily they caught on as we progressed. We ended the day by dividing into three groups. We asked the ladies three basic questions:
1)What do you need at home? (George foreman grill, hand mixers, hair dryers, blenders, baking pans, 6 women who make and sell food asked for large pots with lids, 2 ladies who make jewelry need jewelry supplies, school supplies such as uniforms food and clothes)
2)What skills do they want to learn? (cooking, baking, cake decorating, sewing, jewelry making, computer skills, crochet and embroidery, cosmetology, English, nursing)
3)What community improvements they'd like to see? (community center, public library, public playground, soccer field, computer center, bible studies, houses)
The highlight of the day was when four women expressed a desire to put on Christ in baptism. This will make 11 people who have given their life to Christ since we've been here.


  1. It’s been incredibly wonderful for us to hear the heart felt details each one has had to share about their day. Amazing to hear about 11 who gave their life to Christ in baptism. Love, Ginger

  2. Edna - so thrilled the Lady's Day events are going so well. Miss you and praying for your success in Honduras!

  3. "The highlight of the day was when four women expressed a desire to put on Christ in baptism."
    Love this!