Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Pancakes in honduras are a special treat! The usual Honduran breakfast is rice, and beans and eggs covered in cheese. Sending up praises, we gorged ourselves on syrup drenched buttermilk pancakes and sweet sweet pineapple. We were then ready to worship. If you Missed Matt's song leading this Sunday, Your loss was our gain. He did a fantastic Job in our small church at the bottom of the Casa de Esperanza campus. Little did we know this church would become a sweatbox before the day was through.
one of the things about worship in Honduras that always leaves an impression is how the members here sing with reckless abandon unconcerned with notes and only intent on giving the Lord everything. Another powerful thing is listening to the preaching of our Honduran brothers in Christ. With Cisco serving as translator we were treated to the message version of his sermon and it was excellent. He spoke of how Christians will face trials and that we must continue to be faithful. In hearing him preach we realize that the only difference between us is the language we speak.
After services our ladies went back to Ojohona while we held a men's conference. Some of the men had traveled for 4 hours to be a part. To think that as we would be readying ourselves to bed that night they would just be disembarking the bus they took back home is humbling. Their understanding of the gospel and God's will for marriage and fatherhood was very encouraging. In many ways we were taught as much or more than we hoped to teach. At 4pm we concluded with handshakes and hugs and commitment to lift our brothers in Christ up in prayer.
Our evening devo tonight was a discussion of the sovereignty of God led by Matt. The discussion was as heavy as the rain pounding on the tin roof above us threatening to overpower our voices. It was filled with much joy and appreciation of the fact that we have been blessed to hear the gospel. Afterwards all of our girls hung out together in animated conversation and laughter. To see them all get along so well is heartwarming.


  1. I'd like to know who ate the most pancakes too!
    Love reading the blog, makes me wish I was there again.