Saturday, June 28, 2014

the end

The last few days have flown by quickly. I'll try to summarize. After our men's conference on tuesday Jorge, the preacher at Santa Ana, held a men's discipleship meeting on Thursday. 20 men showed up to study together. This is a big deal! 4 of the men that come have to walk an hour and a half to board a bus for three hours to get here. God has truly blessed our time together.
Our ladies' days have been tremendously effective. From washing feet to Bible studies, our young ladies have dove deeply into the work God has called them to. One powerful story out of their efforts involves our girls hiking up a mountainside to visit a young girl who was unable to come down to the church. Sara, with God's guidance brought two pair of men's shoes that just happened to be the perfect size for the father and boy who lived there. billy removed the man's shoes, put socks on his feet and then the shoes. The Girl was able to come down the mountain.
I'd say the true success of our mission to walk along side the church this year was made evident on our last day working. The members, both women and men wept as got up to leave. Jorge was giddy with excitement between tears of joy. We have made true friendships and look forward to a sweet reunion next year.

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  1. Ready to have you all home. Be prepared for big hugs and wide smiles.